Becoming My Father

It’s becoming inevitable. My daughter was riding her bike the other day and her tire got stuck in a rut in the street. She tried to wedge it out herself and quickly got frustrated. She easily gets frustrated since she is a perfectionist (like her mother). The following quick exchange took place:

me – “Just get off your bike and move the tire.”

daughter – “I can’t!!!!!”

me – “Honey, you can do it. Just move the tire forward.”

daughter – “I caaannnnnn’t. I CAN’T! I CAAAANNNNNN’T DO IIIIIITTTT!!!!!” (bursting into tears while slamming her hands down on the handlebars)

me – “Can’t never could do anything.”

What? WTF?! That just came out of my mouth? Are you serious? Can’t never could do anything? I don’t believe it. I know that I swore to myself as a kid that I would never say that to my child when I grew up.

It’s official. I have offically reached my peak as a father, and am now crashing downward into an oblivion! Awesome.


3 responses to “Becoming My Father

  1. i reached that peak too. it was a terrifying view. i swore to myself that i could never call my kids by their siblings names. if i had a nickel for every time i looked straight into arlo’s face and said collette… well you know.

  2. you are not alone. i heard michael say to ethan, “boy, do you think socks grow on trees?” thank you to poppa crabb for that one.

  3. This is awesome. With one on the way I’ve been thinking a lot about what stuff I’ll do that I swore I never would.

    Next thing you know you’ll be wearing ill fitting pleated kahkis and golf shirts (whatever those are).

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