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New web startup offers bands and other companies the chance to make selling merch easy. Not only do they have customizable webpages for each store, they can print and fulfill the orders as well. The site is still fresh and will be growing tremendously over the next few months. It will be interesting to see how the social-side of the site takes off as well. If you are a wanna-be-rock star or an indie tee shirt designer, needs to become your next best friend. Cheers to Scott and the rest of the team for their hard work!



If one more person asks me “Is this all you have on sale?”, I’m going to rip their faces off. Happy weekend everyone.

This and That with a Little Heavy Rotation

: Everyone should read these two articles in the NYTIMES – Wilting Over Waffles and Why Bother?

: Currently in heavy rotation: Sea Wolf – Leaves in the River, R.E.M. – Accelerate, The Killers – Sam’s Town

: Go vote for Habitat for best shoe store/boutique at KCMAG (under retail section at bottom).

Poll Dancing

This post isn’t about strippers (sorry lardawg). It’s about how news is reported to us during economic worries. Pretty much any day on talk radio (NPR) you will here reports on the state of the economy and consumer confidence numbers and polls. “Consumer confidence is down .10% from this time last year…”, “Most americans are feeling uneasy about the economy and fear a recession…”. Most americans? Who? I wasn’t asked.

I also find it interesting that Americans are asked to give their feelings about what they are hearing in the media. All the media is talking about is doom and gloom. So, of course, consumer confidence would be down since that is all we are filling our heads with day in and day out.

I wonder if the media played down the economic ‘crisis’ and talked about positive, hopeful things about the economy, if consumer confidence would increase and thus help the economy?

Personally, I’m not living in fear of the current economic outlook. I’m not retiring for another 30 years. I welcome a short-term recession if it means the economy will slow…to grow. I’ve stated before that it is unrealistic for organic things to just grow and grow. It’s not sustainable. A recession, to me, just means that the market is trying to right itself. It’s got a cold. So it needs to lay in bed for a bit.

Sure, gas is expensive. But it has nothing to do with a weak economy. Gas prices are high because it is being traded by speculators, which in turn raises prices. Americans need to stop thinking so short-term. Long-term baby! Anyone who is currently 45 or younger, chill.

This is America! I’m looking for a new SUV.

Questions/Comments That Make Boutique Owners Say “F You” In Their Minds

: Does this come in any other color?*

: Is everything you have out?*

: When are you getting new stuff in?*

: I think I’m in between the 7 and 7 1/2.*

: Got any deals you can give me?*

: Soooo, are you guys doing O.K.?*

*usually asked by the same person, wearing Uggs.

Warren Buffett on U.S. Financial Folly

You only learn who has been swimming naked when the tide goes out.”


Two years ago today my wife and I opened up our little business venture in Kansas City and the world. Almost every week I say to myself that it has been the worst, best decision I have ever made in life. Probably the biggest thing I have learned through this whole experience hasn’t been marketing, retailing or finance, but that we are blessed with some amazing friends. So cheers to you and hopefully to many more years of shoe schleppin’!