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This and That from the Week

: Favorite quote of the week – “Daddy, can we go upstairs and listen to rock music?” – my daughter

: If distorted guitar driven Jesus worship is your thing, then I highly recommend checking out Lee McDerment. (praise hand)

: Go to ChefBurger…now.

: Currently addicted to reading conspiracy theories on the world ending in 2012.

: The artwork of Heather Smith Jones is now on Etsy. You need original art!

: I’ve seen this site featured now as “Celebs if they lived in Oklahoma”, “Celebs if they lived in Missouri”, “Celebs if they lived in Kansas”. Ok, so the midwest is gay. We who live here already know this. Pam Anderson takes the cake!


5 Foods I Like Better Cold Than Hot

: meatloaf

:: rotisserie chicken

::: chinese

:::: pizza

::::: ice cream


:: Note to self, wines under $10. (cheap bastard)

Things You Might Not Have Known About (ME:) (20)

:: I only crave donuts on mornings after I don’t get a lot of sleep

:: I can’t get into Modest Mouse

:: I can’t stop listening to Daft Punk

Update: My Agrarian Society

…would be dead right now if I was in charge of feeding the community. I did have a string of bad luck though. The day I planted the seeds it was 80 degrees, but the ground froze three days later. I waited and waited until last week I noticed my glimmer of hope….the snow peas. The carrots have also begun to peak out of the dirt. So not a total lost cause, but I think the tomatoes and green beans are gone. Who’s ready for a salad?

Blueberries and Milk

I poured my daughter a cup of milk and handed it to her to take to the living room. A moment later I heard her yelling/mumbling, “There’s blueberries in my milk!” I walked from the kitchen to the living room and saw my daughter, mouth open, with a tongue full of curdled milk. She slowly let the chunks slide off her tongue back into her cup. After spitting a few times she looked down into the cup and then turned to me and said, “And cranberries”.

My Moment of Zen…Garden

What stands before you is a man. A new man…and his garden. I have decided that this season my new way of meditating and relaxing will be gardening. Behind me is the garden plot,  sown with the blood, sweat and tears of my wife’s shoveling (I worked too, just not as hard). What was once an over-grown snake lair, is now the site of my secret, inner desire to live in an agrarian society. In approx 70 days, you are invited to partake of tomatoes, carrots, snow peas and green beans. If you don’t get an invite, it’s because nothing grew.