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Andrew Bird | NYTIMES

Head over to the NYTIMES for a little article, video and musical sneak peek from Andrew Bird and his forthcoming album Useless Creatures.


Sam Billen | Merry Christmas

Good Christmas music is hard to find. In steps Lawrence, KS singer/songwriter Sam Billen with the aptly titled album Merry Christmas. Acoustic and falsetto harmonies await you. The best part? It’s free at Habitat Shoe Boutique. That’s right people. Giving it away. Stop by and get you a copy. Start a fire, sip on some brandy egg nog and think of Jesus for a change.

New Music (to me)

: Mr. Scruff – start with track 5

: Tobacco

: Dri

: The Modern Art

: Ane Brun – start with To Let Myself Go

: Naughty Nites – the song Action Man was written for the Lardawg

: This Dynamic

New Music | Rachael Yamagata

I’ve heard the name Rachael Yamagata off and on for about four years, but for some reason have never taken the time to listen. So tonight, with an evening free, I listened to her recent live concert on All Songs Considered. I highly recommend it and I highly recommend checking out her new album due to release soon.

You Need New Music

Yewknee has his Summer Mix Series III up. Go peruse or submit your own mix for download. Too much music isn’t a bad thing. And……go!

Albums to Pick Up (When I Get My Monies)

: The Raconteurs – Consolers of the Lonely

: The Notwist – The Devil, You + Me

: Beck – Modern Guilt (July 8th)

: The French Kicks – Swimming

: Liam Finn – I’ll Be Lightning

: Dr. Dog – Fate

: Amos Lee – Last Days at the Lodge

(so, should I get the new Coldplay or Death Cab??)

This and That with a Little Heavy Rotation

: Everyone should read these two articles in the NYTIMES – Wilting Over Waffles and Why Bother?

: Currently in heavy rotation: Sea Wolf – Leaves in the River, R.E.M. – Accelerate, The Killers – Sam’s Town

: Go vote for Habitat for best shoe store/boutique at KCMAG (under retail section at bottom).