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One Question That Needs Answering

What do you want to be when you grow up?


Things You Might Not Have Known About (ME:) (27)

: Can’t stop thinking about living on a farm and owning a bunch of chickens.

:: Just discovered the power of Craigslist (sold my car in two days for asking price, BOOM).

::: Can’t stop listening to this song.

Beaver Fever Fishing Mancation 2008 | Domination Edition

Over the weekend, the Lardawg and I dominated Beaver Lake. There were many highlights to the Striper fishing trip, which will all be told over the coming days. Until then, at your viewing pleasure is a fish. A gigantic fish. Which is now residing in my freezer. (more photos coming soon to Flickr)

This and That from the Week

: Favorite quote of the week – “Daddy, can we go upstairs and listen to rock music?” – my daughter

: If distorted guitar driven Jesus worship is your thing, then I highly recommend checking out Lee McDerment. (praise hand)

: Go to ChefBurger…now.

: Currently addicted to reading conspiracy theories on the world ending in 2012.

: The artwork of Heather Smith Jones is now on Etsy. You need original art!

: I’ve seen this site featured now as “Celebs if they lived in Oklahoma”, “Celebs if they lived in Missouri”, “Celebs if they lived in Kansas”. Ok, so the midwest is gay. We who live here already know this. Pam Anderson takes the cake!

5 Bands/Musicians I Wish I Could Have Seen In Their Heyday

1. Michael Jackson

2. Led Zeppelin

3. The Beatles

4. Edith Piaf

5. Def Leppard (C’mon. You know singing Pour Some Sugar On Me with 20,000 other people would’ve been sweet.)

Things You Might Not Have Known About (ME:) (25)

: I have recurring dreams/nightmares that I never showed up for my last college final and never graduated, and that my life up to this point is a big lie.

:: I can’t decide whether I love or hate the smell of Las Vegas casinos, in particular the Venetian – it’s a mixture of English man-musk, perfume, cigarette smoke, alcohol, chocolate and new carpet.

::: I know I’m getting older when I see a billboard for a lawn and garden show and get excited.

Things You Might Not Have Known About (ME:) (24)

:: Going to swim laps for the first time tonight. (Can you say Speedo?)
:: I am currently planning the groundbreaking ceremony for ManShed 2008. Get ready!

:: I gave two separate toasts this weekend for my brother’s wedding and managed not to cry during either! I’m usually a wuss when it comes to weddings.

:: Addicted to the Sartorialist.