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This and That from the Week

: Favorite quote of the week – “Daddy, can we go upstairs and listen to rock music?” – my daughter

: If distorted guitar driven Jesus worship is your thing, then I highly recommend checking out Lee McDerment. (praise hand)

: Go to ChefBurger…now.

: Currently addicted to reading conspiracy theories on the world ending in 2012.

: The artwork of Heather Smith Jones is now on Etsy. You need original art!

: I’ve seen this site featured now as “Celebs if they lived in Oklahoma”, “Celebs if they lived in Missouri”, “Celebs if they lived in Kansas”. Ok, so the midwest is gay. We who live here already know this. Pam Anderson takes the cake!


For Toby


Friend: “Hey man, want to hang? How ’bout my place?”

Me: “Sure, I just need to put my shoes on. I’ll be there in two hours.”

Friend: (silence)

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Best Photo On the Internets?


The Power of the Towel

Back in 1996, my #1 reason for not attending Kansas State University was because I couldn’t see myself wearing purple. But now, after this footage, the color purple is a distant second.

Things You Might Not Have Known About (ME:) (16)

>I don’t trust girls with belly button piercings.

>Recently, I have discovered that I prefer to not wear t-shirts under other shirts.

>On another personal fashion note: I’m rocking the tighty-whities again. Feels good. Who’s with me?

Prediction: Toby’s New Man-Crush

Robert Krampf. And his daily experiments. (via kottke)