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An Article for Mike


I just kept thinking about Crabb reading this article and snickering like a school boy. Happy Friday people!


Sam Billen | Merry Christmas

Good Christmas music is hard to find. In steps Lawrence, KS singer/songwriter Sam Billen with the aptly titled album Merry Christmas. Acoustic and falsetto harmonies await you. The best part? It’s free at Habitat Shoe Boutique. That’s right people. Giving it away. Stop by and get you a copy. Start a fire, sip on some brandy egg nog and think of Jesus for a change.

Where have you been Hemingway?

I read my first Hemingway novel, The Old Man and the Sea, this past weekend. I actually teared up towards the end. I don’t remember that ever happening to me(wuss) while reading a novel. I can’t believe I have never read any Hemingway. I immediately checked out A Farewell to Arms and cannot put it down. I will be perusing his catalog for a while.

In other news: John Mayer is gay (literally). You may want to rethink listening to the song Wonderland.

This and That from the Week

: Favorite quote of the week – “Daddy, can we go upstairs and listen to rock music?” – my daughter

: If distorted guitar driven Jesus worship is your thing, then I highly recommend checking out Lee McDerment. (praise hand)

: Go to ChefBurger…now.

: Currently addicted to reading conspiracy theories on the world ending in 2012.

: The artwork of Heather Smith Jones is now on Etsy. You need original art!

: I’ve seen this site featured now as “Celebs if they lived in Oklahoma”, “Celebs if they lived in Missouri”, “Celebs if they lived in Kansas”. Ok, so the midwest is gay. We who live here already know this. Pam Anderson takes the cake!

don’t take my word for it

Larry David on Hilary and the red phone.(via yewknee)

Warren Buffett on U.S. Financial Folly

You only learn who has been swimming naked when the tide goes out.”


Prepare to have your mind…blown.