3 of My Father’s Favorite Jokes

You guys seem to like posts about Daddy Mac. Here’s another:

  • “My second wife and I tried to rekindle the flame, so we bought a waterbed. On the first night, her side froze.”
  • “Our family dog growing up had only three legs. We named her Tripod. Tripod had a hard life. Every time she would go to the bathroom, she’d just fall over. After she passed away, we adopted a dog with no legs. We never did name her. We figured she couldn’t come if she was called anyways. She hated it when it snowed.”
  • “I’ve tried losing weight by dieting. But I have to go on two diets just to get enough food.”

Bonus joke: “We had a lab once that peed all over the kitchen floor everytime it didn’t get its way. My father would beat it with a newspaper, rub its nose in it and throw it out the back door. That would’ve killed a parakeet.”


A Room With A View

Andrew Hetherington has spent many nights in hotel rooms. The concept is simple and perfectly executed. Refreshingly creative.

Help Me People

I’m going through a musical dead zone. Tell me what I need to be listening to. When you get a chance, check out LaLa.com. Yes, it is another music listening site, but with a few other bells and whistles. If you sign up, you get 50 free downloads. You can follow different people, whether you know them or not, to see what they are listening to and bands they are following. Good way to keep up with new musical finds.

Currently digging:

  • Old Tears for Fears
  • Cut // Copy
  • several songs from the Slumdog Millionaire soundtrack

Be Careful This Weekend

Happy Friday people! Think twice before you hug someone this weekend.

My Morning Conversation

Customer: I love your store. Is this the only location?

Me: Yes, but we had a store downtown for three years before this location.

Customer: Oh cool, like around The Plaza?

Me: No, like downtown.

Customer: I don’t get up to Westport too often.

Me: No, like downtown, downtown.

Customer: Ohhhh… (confused look).

Me: Uh huh.

I love Kansas City.*

*not really

An Article for Mike


I just kept thinking about Crabb reading this article and snickering like a school boy. Happy Friday people!

Taking It to the Next Level

I’ve always loved to cook. After my mother passed away when I was a teenager, my father and I spent hours cooking wierd, but good, concoctions (bulgar wheat buffalo burgers with carmelized onions).

I look at cooking as more of an escape from my crazy life of owning a business and three kids, than just getting something cooked to eat. I get in the kitchen and I’m suddenly relaxed.

2008 had some mind-blowing meals: Indian Curry Chicken, Tarragon Garlic Burgers, Portobello Quesadillas with homemade pico, Curry Lamb Kabobs and my new favorite, Braised Rosemary Lamb with Roasted Fingerling Potatoes.

My wife surprised me with a cook book from Spain, 1080 Recipes, for Christmas. It won’t be the easiest cook book to follow (they assume you already know some things), but I’m excited to dig in.

Once a get a few meals down, who wants to come over for dinner? Just bring wine. Lots of wine.