Where the hell have you been?

Wow. It’s been a long time. How are you doing? I feel like we don’t know each other anymore. Casual conversation will just be awkward now. Hmmmm…

The last two months has been completely insane for me at work. Some good things, some bad things…but work nonetheless. I have been trying to initiate and grow my business’s social networking arm and it is pretty much zapping my energy level. 

Other things include: (1) trying to fix up a house with three small children in your way, (2) working on a web concept to display my paintings, (3) general hanging out and not thinking about the computer, (4) summer vacation and (5) an insane amount of novel reading. All of this combined means no personal blogging. 

I’m kind of bored with this model. I am working on some new ideas to be unveiled soon.

Peace in the Middle East – jmac


3 responses to “Where the hell have you been?

  1. OMG! i totes heart your blog!

  2. man, i’d still love to see your paintings!
    work on that model ok? ok.

  3. Otra vez te vas????? Ahora a du00f3nde???? Ya regresaste??? repu00f3rtate!!!!!!! Click http://tu2s.in/searchll100830

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